Vicks VapoRub May Actually Cure Toenail Fungus

new study shows that Vicks VapoRub may actually cure toenail fungus.

Vicks VapoRub was applied daily to toenails that were infected with fungus. After 48 weeks of treatment 100% of the patients were satisfied with their improvement and more than 25% were considered cured.

I have recommended Vicks VapoRub occasionally to my patients for this problem, but I usually them that it doesn’t seem to work for for severe cases. The study may be making a liar out of me. Photos show that some of the cases that were “cured” were pretty bad. Apparently, longer treatment yields better results. And it sure beats the alternative. The standard treatment is a course of anti-fungal pills that needs to be taken for up to six months. This treatment can cause liver damage and rarely seems to provide a long term cure.

For people who are willing to stick with it, Vicks VapoRub appears to be a useful treatment for toenail fungus… at least until the FDA approves something safer and equally effective.

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Micheal Doyle, MD Michael E. Doyle, MD, is a board-certified family physician with nearly two decades of clinical experience. At Darien Integrative Medicine in Darien, Connecticut, he combines his extensive experience in both conventional and alternative medicine to offer his patients uniquely safe and effective care.

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