Normal Values for Tests Listed in Case Summaries

17-ketosteroids5-15 mg/24 hr
17-hydroxycorticosteroids (Porter-Silber)5-11 mg/24 hr
Cortisol metabolites (Michelakis)7-17 mgI24 hr
FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone)8-32 mouse uterine units/24 hours
Total estrogens4-60 mcgI24 hr
erythrocyte sedimentation rate20 mm/hr (female)
Serum PB! (protein-bound iodine)3.8-8.0 mcg/dl
Serum cholesterol150-260 mg/dl
T3  sponge uptake40-60%
T44.5-10.0 mcg/dl
T3 index0.8-1.2
T3  by RIA  (radioimmunoassay)65-215 ng/dl
Plasma FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) 
female—pre-ovulatory15-30 mIU/ml
male5-40 mIU/ml
Plasma ACTH by RIA15-100 pg/ml
Plasma cortisol by RIA 
8 AM15-25 mcg/dl
5 PM5-10 mcg/dl
Plasma desoxycorticosterone5-15 ng/dl
Plasma total estrogens 
female—pre-ovulatory45-200 pg/ml
male10-80 pg/ml

Source: The Safe Uses of Cortisol 3rd edition by. William Mck. Jefferies, MD

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